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AGNC Park is excited to share the story of our journey with Equity1821—a Black-led loan fund with a mission as impactful as it gets. We’ve been with Equity1821 since the beginning, and together, we’ve crafted a brand that resonates with authenticity and purpose. Their mission: to break down barriers between Black businesses and banks, fostering an inclusive economy where Black companies can thrive.

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About Equity1821

Equity1821, a game-changer in inequitable access to capital, partnered with AGNC Park right from its inception. We didn’t just set the stage; we collaborated to translate Equity1821’s core values, mission, and vision into a brand identity that genuinely reflects its ethos.

Brand Development from Inception

AGNC Park has been by Equity1821’s side from the start, crafting a brand that embodies their mission. We aimed to ensure that their core values, mission, and vision seamlessly transformed into an authentic brand identity.

Brand Elements and Guidelines

We curated a distinct style, incorporating typography, color palettes, and imagery guidelines that maintain consistency in Equity1821’s messaging and visual identity.

Our team designed a logo that visually represents Equity1821’s commitment to bridging the gap between Black businesses and banks—a symbol of unity.

Website Development

AGNC Park developed a modern and user-friendly website for Equity1821. The website is a central hub for communicating their values, initiatives, impact and opportunities.

The Results

Our collaborative efforts have created a powerful and cohesive brand identity for Equity1821 right from its inception. This brand amplifies their mission of bridging the gap between Black businesses and banks, fostering an inclusive economy where Black companies can flourish.

The website provides an engaging platform for Equity1821 to share its mission, initiatives, and success stories with the community and the world, raising awareness and support for its goal of improving the Black experience and relationship with banks.

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